KARDIOCHIRURGIA DZIECIĘCA - specjalistyczne  konsultacje prof. Bohdana Maruszewskiego, kierownika Kliniki Kardiochirurgii Instytutu "Pomnika - Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka" w Warszawie.
ECHO SERCA DOROSŁYCH i KONSULTACJE KARDIOLOGICZNE, ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem dorosłych oraz kobiet ciężarnych z WADAMI WRODZONYMI SERCA
dr n. med. Ewa Kowalik

Course AEPC

Agatowa Ultrasound Clinic is one of the three reference Polish Centers for Fetal Cardiology. It means the we consult more than 100 new fetal heart defects every year, last years about 200 fetuses. All families are counseled by the perinatal cardiology consultant. The place of delivery, further cardiac treatment and detailed perinatal care is planned. Newborns with congenital heart defects are treated in one of the Polish pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery centers. We co-operate mainly with the Memorial Hospital Child Health Center in Warsaw, but depending on the type of defect and place of living of the parents, some deliveries are planned in Lodz, Cracow or other town. Majority of neonates with CHD are delivered in the 2nd Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Medical University of Warsaw. 

In spite of fetuses with structural heart defects, functional problems are examined. There are fetuses with different types of arrhythmia: extra-systole, tachycardia or bradycardia. Fetuses with severe tachyarrhythmia and complete AV block, are treated and delivered in the 2nd Obstetric and Gynecologyy Department of the Medical University of Warsaw. Fetuses with heart failure due to extracardiac abnormalities, like twin to twin transfusion syndrome, sacroccocygeal teratoma or fetal anemia are evaluated too. 
In all serious extracardiac abnormalities detailed examination of fetal cardiovascular system is necessary to check the fetal condition. 

Congenital defects can be markers of chromosomal and genetic problems. We co-operate closely with Genetic Departments and in majority of fetuses cytogenetic examinations are performed. Patients are referred to the Ultrasound Clinic in Bielanski Hospital where material for cytogenetic test (trophoblast biopsy, amniocentesis or cordocetesis) is taken from the fetus. 

Each fetal problem caused a big stress to the parents. Experienced psychologists are available to help with such difficult and stressful situation. Parents have time to discuss all problems with them. 

Agatowa Ultrasound Clinic is registered as the first Polish Perinatal Hospice. It was established for families which decided to carry on the pregnancy, when the lethal disorder of the fetus was diagnosed. With co-operation with obstetric and neonatal departments in Warsaw and other Polish towns, detailed perinatal palliative care and labor is planned. 


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