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Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate in the
AEPC Teaching Course: Fetal cardiology — why is it important for perinatal care?
which will take place in Warsaw, 18–20 February 2016.
This is the second course organized by the Fetal Cardiology and the Cardiovascular Morphology Working Groups of the Association for European Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology in collaboration with the Ultrasonography Clinic Agatowa, a fetal cardiology referral center based in Warsaw.
This comprehensive course is aimed at all pediatric cardiologists who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of fetal cardiology, however, obstetricians and sonographers are more than welcome to participate, as well.
The combined sessions on morphology and echocardiography will help you to understand the development and evolution of all congenital heart defects. Most of them will also be presented during online learning sessions. The lecturers have been chosen from among the most experienced fetal and pediatric cardiologists in Europe, who have been actively contributing to the development of fetal cardiology in their respective countries.
Teams consisting of scientifically active experts will discuss the international state of the art in the field of fetal cardiac interventions and their impact on congenital heart defects. Functional problems, like fetal arrhythmias and heart failure will be discussed, with a special focus on the possibility for, and effectiveness of treatment.
Teamwork is an essential element of fetal cardiology. Co-operation with obstetricians, neonatologists, and geneticists is necessary, however, we will focus mainly on the problems unique to fetal cardiology, such as cardiovascular changes in extra-cardiac anomalies, genetic problems, and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Special lectures will cover the questions of perinatal counselling and perinatal palliative care. As can be seen from the program, we encourage all the participants to present their own interesting fetal cases. Should you wish to do so, please submit a short abstract detailing the unusual or difficult fetal problem you would like to present during the course.
I am looking forward to meeting you in Poland in February 2016!
Warm regards,
Prof. Joanna Dangel, Course Director
On behalf on
Fetal Cardiology Working Group
Cardiovascular Morphology Working Group

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